About Us

     Northwest Cruise TV is a spotlight on northwest attractions and destinations.  What else to do while in the area.  Where to eat, sleep, play, and how we got there... zroom zroom.

     Although the focus might be on motorcycle travel, we also realize and understand there may be interest in other forms of transportation, so we might just dabble a bit in things like cruise ships, RVs, airplanes, hot rods, and more.  Even my old school bus thats been turned into a television broadcast production vehicle has the license plate... NW CRUZ.  So there ya go.

     And who are we...  My name is John Strauch.  I am the producer/director of NWCTV.  I have a background in television production that goes way back and includes everything from network sports television, to local non-profit TV.  NWCTV is a production of my company, 'Mid-Valley Media, Inc.'.   I also represent a Las Vegas magician, Jackson Rayne, through J. Rayne Productions, so you might say my 'scope of work' is quite diverse.

     I also am the NewTek Factory Rep for the western United States.  And with NewTek's portable live production product, TriCaster, NWCTV is made possible.  Email me in the contact link if you want to learn more about how you can start your own online video presence yourself.

     My partner... Donn Roth (yes, with two 'n's) has been an avid motorcycle rider for a very long time.  He and I have been friends for as long as I've lived in Oregon, and thats been since 1969 or so.  His company is 'Silver Hare Productions'.  As a matter of fact, thats his bike... and foot... at the top of the screen.

     If you have a wedding to shoot, Donn's the guy.  email us for contact info.  Through his company, Sliver Hare Productions, he does a number of multi-camera video production work.  Weddings, Luaus, Graduations, Belly Dancing, and about anything else you can think of... but not what your thinking.  shhhhh.

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